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Dr. Yogi   Herbal  Spa

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By signing this form the customer acknowledges, That he/she has read, understand and agree and accept all of the below terms and conditions…

  •  I understand that I need to wear an appropriate uniform during the session, as suggested by the management of spa.
  •   I understand that switching off / switching to silent mode of mobile phone during the session is important for relaxing session.
  •  I understand that my session can be supervised anytime by management of the spa. This is as per law of our country to avoid any misconduct / explosion of staff.
  •  I understand that any sexually suggestive remark of advance made by me will result in the immediate termination of the session and will also be liable to for payment of the schedule session. Spa management may also take a legal action against me for such acts.
  •  I understand that session that I am receiving is for the purpose of relaxtation and relief of muscles. Thus should not be conducted as a substitute for medical examination , Diagnosis or medical treatment in case of any medical problem , customer should consult a doctor or other qualified medical specialist. Dr. Yogi herbal spa is  not responsible for such event .

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